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The First Step Into Turning Design Into Reality

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The Design For You

Welcome to BB Lane Interiors! The first step in turning design into a reality!

Specializing in photo-realistic renderings, technical drawings, animations, and much more, through a mass amount of interconnected programs. Striving to produce quality and concise designs to all persons, and businesses. Through the powerful traits of preparation, consistency, and communication, all design is possible. 

I'm Jordan!

A full time design freelancer! Naturally, I've always gravitated towards design, so it was only fitting for me to dive in head first!

But, Why?

I have a  B.F.A. in Interior Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My schooling and experiences have afforded me  a variety of skills and knowledge to help benefit individuals and businesses through design. 

Okay.. How?

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Well, design benefits all! When I'm creating a space, I create with the client in mind. I don't only want to design beautiful spaces, but functional spaces. The BB Lane Interiors "way" showcases the client's vision with a uniquely tailored made design, but useable for everyone!

Now What?

I want to continue to push boundaries. I am always willing to take on new clients and work together to find the best plan of action based on the project's needs. So, let's work! I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Rendering Packages

Get a real look inside your space. Our rendering packages showcase realistic views of your project's space and design plan. 


In Home Consultation

A initial home visit to discuss the scope of the project. Consultations are preliminary discussions to go over the client's overall desires for the space. These typically take up to about an hour. 


Our Services


Virtually based design services. All sourced products are retail and readily available. 

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There's More..

2D Layouts

2D flat overhead perspectives of the space. This service will illustrate the overall placement of furniture and movement of traffic. 


"You can spend your entire life trying to fit inside of a box, or you can just create a shape that fits"

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